Adrian Beltre reaching 2nd base after hitting 3000 career hits Photo credit: Nick Virgil
Adrian Beltre, welcome to baseball immortality. #Beltre3k — FOX Sports Southwest (@FOXSportsSW) July 30, 2017 With the swing of the bat and a good jump out of the batter’s box, Adrian Beltre reached a milestone today with a stand up double. At 38 he is the 31st player to […]

OTOGH: Adrian Beltre 3000

The Infield It’s almost here. Opening Day. I cannot contain my excitement. The Rangers are going to have an interesting year, to say the least. They have signed Rougned Odor to a six-year $45.5 million contract. This is a good deal. It’s not so much money that the Rangers will […]

OTOGH: Ranger Review

With Spring Training just around the corner, what is happening with the Rangers and first base? Mitch Moreland is now with the Red Sox, and there was talk about bringing Mike Napoli’s party to Texas. But, alas, there has been a bump at the refreshment table. Nap wants a multiyear […]

OTOGH: Wanted: First Baseman

The Rangers are fired up and who is the biggest bat in the AL West, Jonathan Lucroy! #LuvLucroy, I am a fan, It has been a long time since the Rangers have had a professional catcher. Lucroy is AMA… Source: OTOGH: Rangers Blazin a Path To The Playoffs – Cleat […]

OTOGH: Rangers Blazin a Path To The Playoffs – Cleat ...

It was 2001 and I was working at the Rangers, I had some down time, so I went to see the Rangers warm up. Others had gathered around near dugout, I am walking down the stairs slowly, this was April or May and I had knee surgery in the past […]

Michael Young is Why I Always Wear a Glove.

Baseball and vascular birthmarks don’t sound like two things that go together, but in 1999, both would collide in Frank Catalanotto’s world. In 1999, Frank was in the third year of his 14-year major league career and welcomed daughter Morgan into his world. Things should have been great, but Morgan […]

Frank Catalanotto: Baseball and Vascular Birthmarks

The Rangers may have won tonight but they didn’t look sharp from a error by Profar to a short outing from Hamels. The Rangers need a break! Ok it started with the Yankees but we lost to the Twins, and now Boston, while there were a few games won here […]

OTOGH: Rangers Need A Break

Sorry I am about to throw some shade, but really Ken Giles, you are the one who started it. Bitter much. The Rangers have beaten and continue to beat the Astros. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Come talk to me … Source: OTOGH: Rangers Full Of Talent & Decisions – Cleat Geeks

OTOGH: Rangers Full Of Talent & Decisions – Cleat Geeks

Vin Scully is an icon, and Field of Dreams has a monologue, that’s sums up the feelings of baseball, putting the two together fill my heart with joy and reminds me how much i love this game. Iconic broadcaster Vin Scully recites epic Source: Scully recites famous speech |

Scully recites famous speech |