Welcome to Miss Baseball!

10731120_10205823889703439_7050756522643212666_nI am a life-long fan of baseball. Need proof? Ok, here you go – photo exhibit A.

I have been a Texas Ranger fan for as long as I can remember, and as I grew up, I grew to really understand and love the game. Baseball is my passion; I am here to share that passion with you.


  • In 2000, I got to meet my favorite Ranger, Rusty Greer.10565288_10205954755535003_7868187212127551203_n (1)
  • Baseball is life. This statement is very true to my heart. The best year in my life was the year I worked in the Rangers promotions department.wpid-wp-1422569272361.jpeg
  • It was there that I could see the inner workings of the Ranger organization. I got to interact with not only ball players (both Ranger and visiting players) but also key players in management. That’s when a senior VP gave me my “Miss Baseball” name.
  • As I look back on my life, baseball has always been a part of it, even at the university I attended, University of Texas at Arlington. John Lackey and Hunter Pence are a couple of the MLB players to have attended my school.
  • I have a degree in business, with an emphasis on marketing, management, and law.

I have many hats in my regular life. I am a mother to two wonderful little boys11233084_1586279041659571_4437717316073978783_n11209375_1586279031659572_8358696952159665313_n












They are becoming huge Ranger fans like their mama.  They both are living with Autism. My success is for their care. I keep writing and I hope that one day, it will be me that the sports channel goes to for my opinion or information.

-Hollie Hamilton