Its Friday, the weekend is coming, i love spending Saturdays with beer and hot dogs watch baseball all day long. The other thing i love, Blowouts! I was on my way to bed when I saw on Twitter 13 run inning, I had to watch. Its times like this I […]

Fun Friday: Rockies unleash

Josh Ravin broke my heart. He seemed like such a nice guy, posting nice things on Twitter and being open about his broken arm. He had a positive attitude, and I was happy to follow him. Key word WAS. Turns out the only thing positive about him was the PED […]

PED: It stops now

Dee Gordon tested positive for PEDs. I wrote this in December of 2015 and it is still true today. It is not the steroid era, this is a WAR! Like with any WAR, MLB must find a way to stop this. Player’s Union needs to take a firm stand on […]

It’s Still True: It’s not the steroid era, It’s a ...

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It’s Our Game Too. What does that mean? When I started writing Miss Baseball, I wanted to prove myself, that I know baseball. Along the way, another voice kept popping in my head. It was the voice of inclusion. I would be in the world of baseball and would see […]

Welcome to the new Miss Baseball It’s Our Game Too

Welcome to the new Miss Baseball. We’ll be up and running shortly – thank you for your patience!

Hello baseball fans!

Confession time. I have been trying to write this article for weeks now. I would go to my computer and type up my thoughts, but I could never hit the publish button because I didn’t say what I wanted to say. It began with a strong retort of the pseudo […]

MLB, please, there are ladies present

If you give a girl a baseball, you then need to give her a bat and a glove. Show her the love of the game. If you give a girl a bat, show her how to swing and how to slide. Tell her to ignore anyone who is snide. If […]

If You Give a Girl a Baseball

Ok, so I am minding my own business when I see this on my Twitter feed, Finding the 2000, 2001 & 2002 Tigers Pet Calendars just made my day. Pretty sure they’re going to make your day too. — Jordan Field (@Field_Jordan) February 5, 2016 Two of my favorite […]

Twitter Poll: Which kitty picture is the cutest?

  Major League Baseball, we want to play. Let me say that again. WE WANT TO PLAY BALL! Not softball, but HARDBALL. BASEBALL.   Inaugural Red Sox women’s fantasy camp is a huge hit via @BostonGlobe — Hollie Hamilton (@hollieham0) January 29, 2016 The Boston Red Sox had a […]

Time for more MLB Womens Fantasy Camps

My Kaplifestyle “brother” Matt Paré, has a new video out. If you are a baseball fan and I know you are because you follow this blog. You are going to love this. While I know this is a joke, I would totally do this. It’s the mother part of me, wants […]

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